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Sterling Silver Spouting Water Can Necklace
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Watering Can Necklace | Sterling Silver


No gardener can resist an always-full watering can – but anyone who loves quirky jewelry will appreciate the shimmer and movement of this sterling silver watering can necklace! Perpetually pouring a shower of sterling silver chains, this watering can pendant is a great accessory for rainy days, and it looks great with your gardening clothes and your office outfits alike.

The pendant is hand-cut with a small jeweler’s saw from sterling silver plate, then sanded with care and hand-joined to sterling silver chain for a high-quality, thoughtful piece of contemporary jewelry.


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925 Sterling Chain, Hand Cut Sterling Silver Plate


Watering Can: 23 x 16mm (.91 x .63in), Water- Chains approx 1 inch each


16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches