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Kite Necklace with Tiny Bow
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Kite Necklace | Sterling Silver


Send your fashion sense soaring with a charming sterling silver kite necklace. This necklace is sure to add innocent joy to even the sleekest of outfits with its simple, conceptual design.

The kite pendant and the three bow charms that make up its ribbon tail are hand-cut with a small jeweller’s saw, not laser-cut, so there’s a unique, crafted presence to this whimsical modern necklace. Wear your kite necklace with a sky-blue top or package it with sunset-colored gift wrap for a breezy finish!


Additional Information


Kite- 23 x 17mm (.91 x .67in) Bows- 9mm wide (.35in)


16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches