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Fishbowl Necklace
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Goldfish Necklace | Sterling Silver


Make a splash with quirky, contemporary jewelry when you wear this unconventional goldfish bowl pendant! Combining high quality with details that smile back, this fish bowl necklace is a thoughtful gift for a dedicated aquarist – but anyone who appreciates unusual jewelry is sure to love this piece!

The aquarium pendant is hand-cut with a jeweler’s saw, yielding delightful little variations in the shape and placement of the silhouettes that fill the iconic round fishbowl. A double silver bail keeps it balanced on the dainty silver chain – no tipping here!


Additional Information


Fish Bowl- 20 x 20mm (.78 x .78in)


42 cm (16.5 inch), 45 cm (17.7 inch), 50 cm (19.7 inch)