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Sterling Silver Ball and Chain Necklace on Black Background
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Dangling Stick Couple Necklace | Sterling Silver


Maybe this sterling silver couple necklace is a reminder of that old “ball and chain” joke, or maybe it’s a sweet reminder of the ways you and your favorite person bear each other up through the hard times. Either way, the two hand-cut figures in this sterling silver y-necklace make an iconic pendant with plenty of movement!

This quirky necklace isn’t laser-cut, but is made using hand-held jeweler’s tools, introducing subtle variations into each edition of this humorous and charming sterling silver pendant. It’s an edgier Valentine’s Day gift or a great fashion accessory with plenty of quirky appeal!


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925 Sterling Chain, Hand Cut Sterling Silver Plate


Stick Man- 20 x 10mm (.79 x .39in) , Stick Woman- 20 x 11mm (.79 x .43in)


42cm (16.5 inch), 45cm (17.7 inch), 50cm (19.7 inch)